Unlock Solution For Spetranet E557Cs-322



Unlock Solution For Spetranet E557Cs-322

Unlock Solution For Spetranet E557Cs-322

To install the naccesery drivers & tools Click HERE

 Download the unlock file here Download

Today am going to show you how to unlock this router Spetranet E5573cs-322
Download the firmware and unzip the follow this LINK

 1. first lose all the screws and open the front cover
2. now insert the battery And connect the router with picker as it is shown below

3. Now connect with cable to your system and wait for the driver to install.

4. unzip your downloaded file and open Balong USB downloader

Then click on detect for the USB com ports to appear now go to loader and  load the file, wait for the end of processing. Now your WiFi would turn up blinking green light. 

5. Next step, firstly go back to unzipped file select the latest 21.318.99.03.00 and upload. wait till done. 
Secondly go back again to that unzipped file and select WEBUI and upload. Wait till done 

and lastly, select 21.318.03.00.00 on the same unzipped file, upload and wait till done, Now disconnect from system and enjoy your work done. Don't forget your Spetranet password is to 12345678 Goodluck. 👍👍👍👍👍

follow this LINK to watch the video 

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